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Who are we?

Sarajevo Cosmopolite Club anticipates to become a friendly meeting place for curious and open minded individuals, local and international Sarajevans, settled in the city.
In order to design and realize this extensive project, halfway between urban tourism and intercultural mediation, the initiators of the project have used their combined experiences, both local and international, their profound knowledge of the city and the neighborhoods where they grew up, their contacts and relationships with the citizens, their feel for the art, adventure, nature, culture ...
Beyond desire to facilitate the integration of newcomers into the Sarajevo life and make their stay ever more pleasant and interesting, the objective of this club is to revive the tradition of cosmopolitan Sarajevo, the city mosaic with a thousand fases, promote the spirit of "living together", and become the messenger of universal values.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is the central theme of all our activities. Sarajevo Cosmopolite offers its members :

- a structure facilitating the integration and fulfillment into Sarajevo life, encouraging friendships and creating bonds between the international and local communities
- discovery of the city
- monthly aperitive
- thematic meetings and discussions with personalities
- regular outings with spouses and children
- activities covering a wide range of themes
- galas gatherings, a very special and unique drive through different periods of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina

We hope that those activities inspire you to join us! We very much look forward to welcoming you to our Club, a symbol of Sarajevo’s openness to the world.


A team of lively, enthusiastic and talented residants from Sarajevo are ready to transmit this energy to you. Members have the opportunity to sign up for one or more activities. For each activity an invitation is sent to the participants, specifying the place and date of the meeting point.
An annual fee of 50 KM is applied to our members and for activities, a financial contribution is requested.

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