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Parcs and in-door playgrounds

Sarajevo is not a city of numerous parks and gardens for children. However, thanks to nearby mountains more game areas are at hand, during summer and winter seasons.

Wilson’s Alley
Our suggestion: A refreshing walk in Sarajevo along the Miljacka river. The driveway is lined with gorgeous trees and the area is traffic free every day from 17pm to 6am and during weekends. It is ideal for roller skating, biking and jogging
Source of the river Bosna/Vrelo Bosne
Enchanting getaway in nature only 15 minutes by car from downtown Sarajevo. At the foot of the Mount Igman, Vrelo Bosne is a large natural park where the spring of the river Bosna is found. The park is equipped with many playground areas, although the children’s favorite attraction is the horse carriage ride along the 6-km long alley
Zoo Pionirska Dolina
A small zoo close to the city center with a few wild animals, but with a large playground and with very pleasant walking tracks. Ideal for small children
Alipasino Polje
A winter park built in December 2011. Perfect for skiing and sledging, both with lifts
Tel. +387 61 592 123; Tel. +387 62 206 311 25
New restaurant in the village of Nermanica, a 20 minute drive from Sarajevo. Organic vegetarian food. Playground for kids. Charming accommodation
25 km far from Sarajevo, the Olympic mountain Bjelasnica is the perfect place for skiing and snowboarding during winter, and hiking, walking or arranging a picnic during summer time
Babajci, Lokve, on the Mostar road. Tel. +387 33 805 102, Tel. +387 62 375 532 (Zahid). Outdoor restaurant with a wonderful playground beside the river. English and German spoken

In-door playgrounds

Happy Park
Šareni Park, at Trg heroja in Hrasno is the first playground of its kind in Sarajevo that includes attractions for all children, including those with special needs. The playground includes custom-made play equipment, benches for parents and other citizens, and flower beds. IWCS raised the funds for the project through its annual winter bazaars of 2009 and 2010
Happy Town
Zmaja od Bosne 4, Alta Shoping Centre
Tel. +387 33 718 166
Lego, toys, games and Nintendo Wii
Coco Loco
Kolodvorska 12, near Interex Pofalici
Tel. +387 33 719 695
Very nice playground but smoky
Carobni Svijet
Hercegovacka ulica, Grbavica
Tel. +387 61 864 336, Tel. +387 33 655 977
Clean, not smoking
Zagrebacka 55, Grbavica
Tel. +387 33 718 166
Butmirska cesta 12, Grand Centre, Ilidza
Tel. +387 33 623 512, Tél. +387 62 444 599
Spacious playroom, non smoking

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