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Sarajevo’s mahala

Photo Tour in the Sarajevo's mahala.

Photo Tour in Sarajevo’s mahala.
Alifakovac, Jarčedoli, Širokača, Vratnik, Kovači, Sedrenik, Bistrik, Logavina, Bjelave, Mejtaš... The hills of old Sarajevo, these are the mahala areas. Each of these oriental neighborhoods are organized in such a way so that they’re surrounded by a mosque, a school and a water fountain. They developed spontaneously in Sarajevo during Ottoman times, around the Čarsija. But the mahala is also a lifestyle in Sarajevo. It represents the solidarity of citizens who live in it, friendly relationships among neighbors, and respect for traditional customs. The first lilacs in spring time are picked and given to the neighbors. Until today, women in mahala prepare meals for unexpected guests, they help the poor, or give support to families who’re mourning. The mahala populations has a specific mentality and even today, enjoy a good gossip ... Although this territorial division of Sarajevo was officially abolished in 1883 by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the feudal picturesque image of these neighborhoods continues to attract everyone with its architectural identity as the spirit of the past.

Concept : 6 walks, 10 mahalas, once a week
Schedule : Flexible, 2 hours
Participation : 200 KM /person. Prices groups, contact us. Visit recommended for adults and adolescents
Language : FR or EN
Bookings : sarajevocosmopolite@gmail.com

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