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Apartment or a house? The choice of your future new home in Sarajevo should be carefully made and we are here to assist you!

In Sarajevo, the life is mostly concentrated in a small area of the city center where the traffic is quite dense. The city is located in a valley surrounded by picturesque hills and mountains. Many foreign residents in Sarajevo decide on a nice hill house or apartment with a stunning panoramic view.
Monthly rental prices are not as high as in most European capitals and there is a vast variety of splendid flats and houses to choose from. Most expats live in the very center of Sarajevo, in Visnjik, Mejtas, Ciglane, Bascarsija and Kosevsko Brdo areas.

Recommended real estate agencies

Real Estate Neira Babic
 Tel. +387 61 157 379
Contact : Mirza Hadzijahic 
Mehmeda Spahe 6/1, Centar
Tel. +387 33 210 208, +387 61 188 252
Contact : Anisa - Tel. +387 62 030 040
Prestige Real Estate Agency
Tel. +387 61 927 729
Zelenih Beretki 30, Stari Grad 
Tel. +387 33 570 555

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