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Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite its modest size, offers a wide variety of beautiful landscapes and a petite southern coastline around Neum with attractive Herzegovina region with Mediterranean climate. Between the southern and the northern parts of the country, the Dinaric Alps overlook the narrow valleys, dozens of mountains possessing specific character are spread, and sharp landscapes of the northwest peak over 2,000 meters over the Montenegrin border.

Among 141 communes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, quite a few villages have assets to attract the locals and the foreigners. With a variety of fascinating architectural landscapes, all are imbued with a strong identity, and all have their own charm. Their heritage seems to be untouched over time, reflecting the history and traditional activities of their inhabitants. What could be more natural than to succumb to the pleasure of a ride through one of these villages, strolling peacefully in the labyrinth of alleys.

Herzegovina is located in the southern mainland, while the Posavnina and Krajina regions are in the northern part of the country. Bosnia and Herzegovina has its natural wide side through which many springs, lakes and rivers travel, beautiful cities, most picturesque villages and a large cultural and heritage: a tradition hyphen between the Easter and Western sides from Sarajevo, spires, minarets and domes of the synagogues charm, the Olympic mountains Jahorina, Trebevic, Igman, and Bjelasnica, numerous tiled roofs and old Ottoman bridges as Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco, the Mostar fortress, and historical Pocitelj; sanctuary of Christian pilgrimages to Medjugorje, Adriatic beaches of Neum; attractive Mediterranean Trebinje; medieval castle on the river Vrbas flowing through Banja Luka, a majestic waterfall in the center of Jajce, unique beauty of the river Una in Bihac, wild national parks Sutjeska, Hutovo Blato, Kozara or Bjelasnica ... And the list continues on and on!

These trips are an opportunity for a homecoming, a stroll through a country area which is deeply rural. Each visit provides its share of emotionally charged pictures: an old window, a bridge of flowers, carved portal, a stone fountain, multiple iron signs, a turret wall, a sundial, benches overlooking the landscape surroundings, and many other surprises.

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