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Whether you are importing your personal belongings such as furniture or other objects, things are quite easier and more effiecient today. The communist bureaucracy era is over. Today, there are few international moving companies that will easily relocate you to Sarajevo and offer a full range of services: packaging, crating, transportation, customs issues, 24hour storage and relocation

Moving Companies

AGS Movers
Tel. +387 33 761 460 -
Very professionnel. English, French, German spoken. Packaging, crating, transportation, customs issues
Move One
Ismeta Alajbegovica Serbe 30, Stup
Tel. +387 33 465 689, +387 33 458 584
International moving, very professional
Interdean International Relocation
Mettez Zivota 14, Sarajevo
Tel. +387 33 525 143

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