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If you wish to import your personal car into Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are strict rules and procedures to follow. But formalities mainly depend on your administrative situation. The insurance of a vehicle is an obligation.

• Diplomats/non-resident can import a car without paying any taxes as well as those individuals who possess work permits.
• As of January 1, 2013, cars that are older than 7 years can be imported into BiH. Imported cars from the European Union are tax free, however imported cars manufactured outside of the EU are submitted to customs taxes at 11% rate on the estimated value of the car. These charges are calculated according to the age of the car and the size of the engine, and significantly rise with a larger engine size and with the age of the car.
• To import a vehicle into Bosnia and Herzegovina, a homologation process is required in order to be able to declare a technical compliance of the vehicle prior to the registration. The maximum approved period for the procedure is 10 days from the entry date into the customs territory of BiH.

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