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Boracko jezero

From 29 to 30 June 2013

Exclusive weekend break: swimming, fishing, Bogomile history tour, gastronomy.

Boračko Glacier Lake and the valley of Glavetičevo, snuggled in between Prenj, Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains, are known as the region of adventure. The numerous outdoor activities begin from here: hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking and even paragliding. But this beautiful region hides also many cultural and historical treasures. Hundreds of stećaks, medieval tombstones, are located here and some of them are true rarity. In the necropolis Sanković, at the Grčka glavica (Head Greek), there are about 115 stećak tombstones but the most famous is the stećak on the grave of Goisava Sanković, from aristocratic Sanković family, decorated with motifs of vines.

Exclusive weekend break

Sarajevo Cosmopolite Club’s Atypical weekend in Boračko Jezero offers its members to spend an unforgettable relaxing and adventure filled weekend in friendly atmosphere, full of positive energy, swimming in crystal clear water of this natural lake, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests. For those who like fishing brook carp, Californian trouts or river crabs. Also visit two necropolises of stećaks and admire the beautiful river of Neretva.
Our youngest members will have a great time too, enjoying nature and liberty, and having fun with their friends.

Our wonderful host offers the best accommodation in Boračko Jezero, cozy, design, clean and warm. The fantastic local organic food is really a wonderful gastronomic experience, be prepared to eat your best trout ever.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Places are limited to 20 persons. Visit is recommended for adults and kids.

Reserved for members only, after signing up Location
Departure 22 June at 9h - Return 23 June at 19h Duration
To be defined lately (includes bus ride, guide, accomodation, one brekfest, 2 lunches, one diner, activites) Participation
Reservation is required : info@sarajevocosmopolite.com Booking

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